Can dogs get PARVO more than once in their lifetime?

My dog had Parvo when he was a puppy, and I had heard that once a dog survives the disease they can’t get it again. My neighbors dog just died of Parvo last week, and she told me that a dog is MORE supseptable to the disease once he’s had it once, unless he’s vacinated every year… Which one is true?

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Answer by Bozema
There is more than one strain of Parvo, so yes, it can happen again. Vaccinations cover more than one strain.

You can find more information about Parvo in digs here :


  1. cs says

    There are many differnt strains of parvo, just like the flu. If your dog is unvaccinated and it is a different strain than the one he has antibodies for, than yes he could get it. But it is not as common for adult dogs to contract parvo. If you see signs of illness, I would get to your vet ASAP

  2. Zephyr is the Shiznik says

    Keep him vaccinated, and you won’t have to really worry.. there is a terrible strain of it sweeping across the us, which cannot be vaccinated against, and more than a 50% kill rate. I wish I remembered the site for it… But once your dog gets parvo, he is immune to the strain he got.. other strains can get him sick. Some dogs also shed the virus from their bodies long after the infection has gone away.

  3. hydee g says

    i think so but call ur vet and ask. parvo is a nasty and it smells. literaly smells. it could kill ur dog in a matter of days. and it is very devistating. i volunteered at a humane socity and delt with it. they need to get into the vet asap. my segestion to u is sanitize everything with bleach and antibactierial stuff. when i mean sanitize everything i mean everything. they should be vacc. every year with out fail. but once they get it u cant really do much about it.
    it been a long time since i delt with it but i do remember how horrible it can be. if he ends up having parvo tell ur neihboors to vacc. all their dogs and get them all checked out by the vet,
    i hope he is ok.
    good luck.
    hope this kinda helped

  4. E. says

    Yes they can, like most people answered, there are several strains. But after the first exposure, the body creates antibodies that recognizes how to destroy Parvo the second time round. The virus will be no where are deadly as the first exposure. It would be more like a stomach flu. Still miserabe for the pup,but not life threatening. They should still keep thier appetite and little vomiting and diarrhea.