can you give a pregnant dog benadryl?

i just posted a question about my pregnant dog having swollen eyes, one answer i got was to use benadryl but is safe to use as she is pregnant?

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Benedryl is regarded as a class B drug as related to pregnancy and as such it would be safest to avoid its use if your dog is pregnant, but if you have already given it as a single dose I think it would be safe enough and there would actually be little chance of anything going wrong. Very little is known about this situation but normally if problems are going to occur they would more than likely follow a prolonged course.


  1. Barbara C says

    It is never safe to give animals human meds. I would call the vet and ask. I know we had an emergency for my Chihuahua and they told me I could give her a tiny dose of infant tylenol to help numb the pain until I got her to the vet, but that only once and not to use it ever again. (it is a long drive to the vet and she was really hurt) They said any human medicine can kill the animal.

  2. Goldengal says

    No absolutely not. Not only will you give the mother dog the meds but it will go to the pups too. Benadryl will slow the pups heart rate down to a dangerous level may even cause some to die. If you are that worried then take her to the vets. You created the problem by giving her goats milk so don’t try to fix it with human medicines.

  3. Mermaid Mama says

    Yes that was me, and yes you can, just call your vet to verify if you don’t beleive me. Pregnant dogs get bitten by bees, snakes, and other poisonous creatures and have allergic reactions and benadryl or (dyphenhydramine) is always indicated. Think about this they sedate dogs for C-Sections which also sedates the puppies inside her. Benadryl does have sedative properties, but not near as much as anesthesia.

    P.S. I wasn’t advising you to give the benadryl I was advising you to go to the vet and let them do that, they know the correct doses and they would take into account the fact that she is pregnant. When you take it it just makes you drowsy right, it doesn’t put you into a coma. Drowsy will not hurt those pups. just call your vet.

  4. Nikki says

    Yes, We prescribe benadryl (aka. dyphenhydramine) all the time at the vet I work at. Give your vet a call, they should confirm what I have said and give you a dose amount.

  5. gizzy says


  6. jessica f says

    No, you shouldnt give dogs any human drug, why r you wanting to give it benadryl?

  7. karen p says

    I’ve given my dogs benadryl on the advice of my veterinarians; they told my how much to give them, and it’s a safe medication to use…HOWEVER….my dogs were NOT PREGNANT. Do the smart thing, and talk to your vet.

  8. karen h says

    no never give a dog human medication
    it will cause very bad problems and it can kill the dog