Does anybody have a shitz shu with eye problems?

Last night I noticed my 13 year old shitz shu right eye was extremely red even in the pupil, I don’t understand why? Did anybody every experience this? Could it be allergies? Or could he be possibly blind? Or could he have something in his eye?

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Answer by pinkpanther_2006
being that old yes he may be going blind, but also it may be a eye infections or just allergies, he could have scratched it on something. small dogs though are prone to allergies since they are so low to the carpet that hold all the dust. but small dogs also are prone to eye problems any way. probably for the same reason as the allergies. that is why they “tear” up and have tear stains. take him to a vet to get him checked out.


  1. goodgal_not says

    You need to take him to the vet Shihtzus will have eye nose and ear problems Your problem sounds very serious with the age of your dog too. Please take him asap.

  2. iluvtorofl says

    Shih tzus have some genetic problems within the breed. One is
    called endotropic eyelashes. The hair on the eye lashes rub the eyes and cause problems. It has nothing to do with hair length or how you care for the dog. It is just a birth defect. That might be the problem.

    Red eyes can also be caused by a detached retina. That just happens with aging and at 13 it is a distinct possibility.

    Another possibility is conjunctivitis. That is like pink eye in humans. There would be yellow pus in the eye too if it was this. The vet could give you some drops.

    If your dog is 13, you have taken really good care of him. He is blessed to live with your family. Enjoy your dog. I hope he and you have many more years together.

  3. mustlovedogs says

    Each shih tzu I’ve had/have goes to the opthamologist because dogs with prominant eyes are prone to eye issues. one had dry eye and if I hadn’t taken her, she would have gone blind and all she needed was daily eyedrops for life.

    I would DEF start with my vet,NOW!

    goo luck