How and when do you cut a puppies tail?

My dog is pregnant and the puppies tails needs cut, The puppies are not born yet She is almost ready to have her puppies though I wanna be prepared, My dog lucys (Pregnant mom) tail is cut and so is my brothers Dogs, So how do you cut them and when?, Please PLEASE no rude comments
My dog is a Jack-Russel Pug
My dog is a Jack-Russel Pug

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Answer by YUNo


  1. Riley says

    YOU don’t cut them. You take them to a vet and the vet will dock them for you. Keep in mind though that dogs don’t NEED their tails docked. It’s just for looks.

  2. Jassmine says

    I think the vet has to cut them, not you. Call your vet and ask when they are usually cut, and at what age. Good Luck!

  3. i love justin bieber says

    So at first i was like wtf? But i now understand what you are saying. I would recommend talking to your local vet, be ready to call the vet if needed though. You can search up more info on it, on Google. Maybe when they are a few days old? Like I said I would recomend calling your vet.

    Hope I helped! :)

  4. corals says

    You would take them to the vet no older then 5 days and no younger the 2 days. Do not do this yourself. A vet needs to do this because, they will have to stitch the dock afterwards. What kind of dog is this? There are only certain breeds that have docked tails.

  5. Stephanie says

    When the puppies are 2-4 days old, you just snip the tails off with large, sterilized scissors. Make sure that the scissors are sterilized, it’s very important.

    If you’re not experienced with it, then I suggest getting a vet to watch and make sure you’re doing it right, or you could just get a vet to do it for you.

    I hope this helps.

  6. Junoi says

    Well I dont mean to be rude but you shouldnt cut a dogs tail off but if you want to must at least 1 year your welcome ! Also make sure to be on the safe said make a vet do that to Be on the safe side

  7. paul says

    rud it is…. backyard breeder how dare you even think of hurting those dogs….. then to come on here and tell us how stupid you are if i knew where you are i would turn you in un f – -king beleavable

  8. THGLOVER says

    Right after their born and close but you don’t have to cut their tails they are cute with them

  9. Live, Love, Bark! says

    Dog’s have their tails docked at 3 to 5 days old, and then only by a vet.
    If the pups aren’t show dogs, there’s no reason to spend the money to have it done..most people don’t care if the tail is docked or not.

  10. Rayven ~ SCAdian girl says

    Docking the tails of MUTTS is useless and a waste of money. Doesn’t need to be done at all. Who cares if the crap breeder you bought from did it to the poorly bred bitch you turned around and bred?

  11. Moondog says

    Your dog is a cross bred dog. The Pug part of the cross does not have a docked tail, they are left with natural tails.

    Do not dock the tails of these cross bred pups. No one who is serious about dogs or knows any thing about dogs will buy a cross bred pup. They buy well bred dogs from reputable breeders. That leaves you with the other kind of puppy buyer who won’t give a damn if the tails are docked, they just want a cheap puppy. There is absolutely no reason to dock cross bred dogs.

    If you foolishly decide to dock the tails for some unknown reason, you take the pups to the vet on day 3 of their life and have the vet do it.

    To try to dock tails yourself is mutilation and you would be risking and animal cruelty charge. You would also be risking infection and death of the pups.

  12. ADA says

    Why oh why are you breeding when there are so many dogs of nondescript backgrounds in rescue needing homes? ! There are too many dogs in the world needing GOOD homes without more being added. I would expect any keeper/guardian of a dog to have full knowledge of dog welfare and that would include knowing what tail docking involves, who is and who is NOT permitted to do it, where and when. In this day and age, and in many countries, it is considered mutilation and has been banned except for therapeutic (medical) reasons (I guess you live in N America for this question to have been asked). Puppies can die as a result of being docked – especially if they should carry a gene that prevents blood clotting which some breeds do. It will never be known how many puppies have died as a result of being docked and therefore the procedure over the years has been presented as a minor trauma in a puppy’s life which it is not. Runts in litters are not usually docked for the very reason they are unlikely to survive the procedure.
    For those who argue for tail docking being the same as neutering then might I suggest that this question is one good reason why some owners should have considered neutering rather than the breeding of more (unwanted) dogs. From the wording of this question the asker is half expecting critical answers!