How can i get rid of heartworms in my dog without going to the vet?

my 7 month old puppy has heartworms and i dont have the money to go to a vet…what can i do to treat her without going to the vet?? she weighs 13 pounds if thats any relevance..

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Answer by Star
You need to get money and take her to the vets.


  1. Brownie says

    There is absolutely NOTHING that you can treat your dog with yourself, the pup needs veterinary intervention and treatment from a veterinarian is the ONLY way to get rid of them.

    If you don’t have the money on you, borrow from friends or family, sell something of yours, use a freaking credit card or get out a loan or ask you veterinarian if they offer a payment plan. Still can’t get the money? Give the dog to the humane shelter and THEY will treat your dog.

    If you cant afford vet treatment you shouldn’t be owning a dog. Simple….

    Because if that pup doesnt get seen to and treated by a veterinarian your pup WILL die.

  2. •Poppy• says

    Sell something, borrow money, or rehome the dog.

    How are you sure this dog has heartworms without a vet telling you so? If she truly does, she needs treatment *from the vet* or else she WILL die. Heartworms are very, very serious.

    Why get a puppy you couldn’t afford anyway?

  3. Lacey UD, RE says

    How do you know that your dog has heartworms? The only way to know is to have the blood tested in a vet’s office. Heartworm cannot be adequately treated without going to the vet. The products that are used are prescription only.

  4. Josh says

    Below is the website were you can find the medicine needed to cure heart worms. The medicine is called melarsomine dihydrochloride. The product on the link for adults so you’ll have to do some research on what a dose for a puppy might be. The medicine is fairly expensive at $ 249. I hope this helps best of luck

  5. Lucky Penny says

    How do you know she has heartworms???

    There is no ‘over the counter’ treatment for heartworms.

    Treatment can be expensive (I had a foster dog that we took to a low cost vet that did the treatment for $ 250) but it is very hard on the dog. Some dogs die from treatment, and they cannot be active for almost a month after.
    That same vet also told us that instead of doing the treatment, some people with older dogs, or dogs who are not a good candidate for the treatment for whatever reason, just give the monthly heartworm pills every month, right on schedule. The heartworm pills kill any baby worms that happen to crop up from month to month. Eventually, the large heartworm(s) die off after up to a year. (heartworm pills don’t kill the large, already established ones, just babies)
    But you have to keep up with the regular heartworm treatment every month for this to help.

  6. Sharla says

    First off how are you aware that she has heart worms? Secondly she needs to be seen by a veterinarian first only h/s could determine this by blood test. Thirdly why would you bring such a gift into your home if you could not provide necessary care my gosh. I have raised 4 dogs and two remain with me both are handsome males and at no cost would I refuse Vet help for either of them. I love my boys more than people and you have just proven my point. I do not care whether you chose me or not you have just PROVEN my point. Beg borrow or sell something or request a payment plan she is surely going to perish otherwise if she has this. You should not be owning a dog have you ever heard of the phrase unconditional love that is what dogs give us and clearly you have no clue what this means

  7. rachel says

    how do you know your dog has heartworms if you can’t afford a vet?heartworms are checked in a blood sample with a not try a home remedy for getting rid of heartworms.that could kill the dog quicker than the heartworms would,especially if you don’t know what you’re doing.heartworming is done by a vet because toxic poisons are used.if not done properly, poison can kill the dog or cause dying heartworms to cause a blockage in heart,lung arteries, etc.that will kill your dog.!!!!!

  8. trueAPBT **Angel Warrior** says

    Without going to the vet..? A bullet to the head.

    Its better than letting her slowly suffer and die.. which is what will happen to her if she is not treated.. or humanely euthanized.

    Once a dog has heartworms… thats it. Nothing you can do but TREAT THEM.. Without treatment… she will suffer (not being able to breathe) and be dead in less than 2 years.

    I suggest you make a decision SOON. The longer you wait, the worse it gets.

  9. anne b says

    It is very unlikely that your puppy has heartworms, since the dog is not old enough to even have a positive test result.

    Take the animal to the vet and get her on a good prevention medication.

  10. rescue member says

    There is NO way you can tell if your dog has heartworms without a blood test at the vet’s because heartworm is in the blood, not the digestive tract, so whatever worms you saw are NOT heartworms.
    Very, very unlikely your 7 month old puppy has heartworms in any case, takes far longer for them to develop than 7 months.

    I might add that the slow kill method of giving heartworm preventative does work, takes 2 years for the cycle to end and the adult heartworms to die, but it works and is often recommended by more enlightened vets. You can get the heartworm preventative without a vet from overseases pet supply stores, but that’s another story and not the point here.

    Your puppy obviously has regular worms, most puppies are born with them and need to be de-wormed at least 3 times when they are young. You need to get a fecal done at the vet’s, you take a poop sample with you, have the parasitic worms identified, get the right de-wormer. It’s not expensive and very necessary if you don’t want your pup to die slowly and horribly over time.

    Surely you can borrow the money or make payments, but you must get that pup to the vet for a fecal and the right de-wormer.

    We are not talking heartworm here, could be roundworms, whipworms, hookworms, etc. — but not heartworm or tapeworm if you actually saw worms in the pup’s poop.