How long after you feel and see the puppies move inside of the mama dog will she give birth?

We can see and feel the puppies moving inside of our dog’s tummy. We only got her three weeks ago and just found out she was even pregnant because she looked suddenly fatter and her boobs were hanging low and her nipples poked out more so we took her to the vet and she said she more than likely is pregnant, then we took her home and could just feel the puppies turning over and kicking and such. How long after this will she probably give birth? And also just this morning her tummy down by the puppies started gurgling. Almost like she has diarrhea, but she doesn’t. And the noise is definitely coming from where the puppies are and right where they are moving… What is causing this?

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    Answer by Goldengal
    The nosies are more likely to be gas moving around in her intestins. Since you dont know anything about when she mated than keep in close contact with your vet. They will be better able to tell when the pups are due. In the mean time read all you can about whelping pups and get some supplies together to help mom just in case your needed. You can start to build a whelping box. They have many plans on the internet for you to look at. Start to feed your dog high quality dog food and let her eat as much as she wants to. She needs all the nutrition she can get to keep her self and the pups healthy.
    Good Luck!


  1. Phoenix says

    It all depends on the number and size of the pups. Sometimes you can see/feel movement as early as halfway through the pregnancy, if there are a lot of pups and the mom is thin; other times you can’t see/feel the pups at all, especially if the mom is healthy and not too thin. Just get prepared for delivery and beyond, so you won’t be caught off guard. Good luck!

  2. rreddr1 says

    Dogs are pregnant for 63 days you should be able to see them move around day 50 (depending on the size of the mother) You should be feeding the mom puppy food because she & the pups need all the nutrience that they can get at this point. The last 2 weeks of the prenancy is when the pups grow the most. The noises you are hearing are normal and nothing to worry about just part of the digestive prossess

  3. Alfheim says

    Have you gotten her x rayed?
    Puppies ossify at around 45 – 50 days. A vet can tell you more by looking at the x ray. You can feel them moving up to 2 weeks before birth depending on the breed and the individual.
    Many “ladies” (they won’t let me use the proper term) get terrible gas when they are pregnant.
    When will she give birth?
    Take her temperature.
    If it is low (97 or 98) expect puppies within 24-48 hours.
    What breed (or possible mix) is she?
    You may want to let your vet know you’re expecting puppies in case an emergency c-section is needed.
    You should have a whelping box set up and she should be comfortable and familiar with it well before hand.
    If she is restless and panting and her temp has dropped she is in labor. If she takes more than an hour between puppies when giving birth, call your vet.
    You should probably call your vet now, so s/he can explain more to you. If you don’t have a vet, get one. You’re having puppies.
    Good luck.