How long do you have to wait to apply Advantage to your dog after soap bath?

I applied Frontline Plus on Wed. to our dog and fleas were not dying so I bought some Advantage and gave him a bath at 11 this morning with Dawn due to needing to wash off the the Frontline & to kill the fleas. I’ve checked with the vet & it is safe to do, as you wash the FL off. I was told that the skin’s oils are washed off during the bath and the Advantage will not work properly. Does anyone know if this is correct, as he is still scratching and needs it? Thanks

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Answer by happy2luvk9s
try reading the directions on the back of the package and DON’T use dawn on dogs! It’s too harsh for their delicate skin! That is what dog shampoo is for!


  1. Daniel's Wifey says

    You should wait at least 24 hours before applying the Advantage to the dog. Until then rub some baby powder into the fur and that will take care of any fleas it has. The dog isnt going to stop scratching even if all the fleas are gone. Sometimes it just feels good to scratch. Hope this is helpful!

  2. ms7987ms says

    You want to wait til your dog is dry, so the advantage sticks to the fur, not the water. Keep in mind dogs will always scratch, but if it is more than ordinary, Advantage will help

  3. brenda says

    You really should wait 24 hrs before applying the Advantage. In the meantime, try using a flea spray.

  4. T says

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