How long does it take for worm medicine to work in puppies? – question.4

Hi, we had our new puppy wormed on Thursday.He eliminated what our vet said was a tape worm,that evening.He is still having very runny poo and we can see eggs.Gross,we know!
He is due to be wormed again in two weeks,by the vet.We are worried as he is obviously still infested,should we take him in before that for another dose?We’ve researched but nowhere tells us how long before he is completely clear.Is the medicine still working now?

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    Answer by Stan Segal
    I would guess to say that you should start noticing improvement within the first few days maybe week, Don’t expect improvement immediately.


  1. Some should stick to pet rocks says

    Personally I would place a call to my vet and ask their advice. The call is free and they would know best!