How much does it cost to spay a puppy?

In Southern California.

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Answer by heyyy
call your local vet for that information


  1. Kayla B says

    Depends on the age and size of dog.
    I paid $ 160 to spay mine.
    It could be anywhere from $ 100 to $ 300+
    Just look around and find the best price you can.

  2. greybaby88 says

    check your local petco or petsmart. they usually have flyers at the registers advertising low cost vaccines and spay/neuter programmes. these can be as cheap as $ 40 sometimes. you can also call local animal shelters to see if they know where you can spay your puppy cheap.

  3. Keri says

    There are inexpensive and even free clinics available, some vets will do free or low-income days. But a decent vet cost is usually at least $ 150.

    There are also other options available such as a laparoscopic spay which is less invasive (less cutting, faster healing), which is done with a scope. I had this technique (Laparoscopic Ovariectomy) done on my Great Dane as CSU Veterinary hospital in Fort Collins, CO and it cost at least $ 1000 but included a “tack” as well to prevent gastric torsion. The incision was minimal and she was able to come home that day. She only had her ovaries removed.

    Do not skimp on the “extras” such as pre-surgical blood work, and don’t have the surgery done at a clinic that will keep your dog overnight unattended. It is extremely important to monitor your dog during her recovery of anesthesia. You don’t want to lose the life of your best friend during her surgery.

  4. Kit_kat says

    you will need to check with the vets in your area
    they charge differently and some may have a spay/neuter help where there is a discount