How to get rd of dog worms at home? Home Remedies?

I have 2 puppys both 6 months.I think my dogs has worms. They look like noddles but they dry up an look like rice. Theu move cause i see it in there poop. But i hear tht if they have worms they will be sick vomit, and too tired to move, sleep alot and dirrahaa and eat very little. But they are still running like crazy, very active and eat alot. They are tiny puppys but everyone their brothers and sister grew big like the size of a fully grown shih tzu.
My puppys are 6 months old shih tzu chihuahua mix. I cant bring them to the vet im having money problems and for 2 dog at the vet is alot and im saving my money now and i only have 20$ , by the time i have enought money will it be too late? Can they die from worms? Is there any home remedies to get rid if worms???????? So is there any Home Remedies to get rid of them????!!??!!!! Pleaseee no rude comments!! :(

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    Answer by Madison
    There are home remedies but serious infections (which sounds like you might have) generally need chemical wormers. Do note that home remedies, like chemicals, work by poisoning the worms. The best home remedies have a smaller margin of safety than some chemicals.


  1. Wile E. Coyote says

    It is possible to die from worms. It is also possible to end up with a far larger vet bill in the future, all depends on the worms.

    Borrow money: either from parents or from credit card.

    The good news is that you can probably sort out a few things all in one visit. Vets in some countries are required by their medical associations to do a checkup before providing dewormers. So you dont want to pay for a visit, however 6 months is also the appropriate time for the mandatory Rabies Vaccination. So get each dog a visit for: Visit (physical), Dewormer, Rabies Vaccination. That way you are all set and can save up money for the 1 year appointment and desexing operations.

    Bring in a stool sample of the worms so that the vet can look at them. Explain you do not have money for testing and can he either provide an appropriate countermeasure from just visual inspection, and if not can he, as a person trying to secure a new client (you can mention that in a round about way) do the fecal analysis as part of the cost of the checkup (in other words, for free). I would also expect the vet to do an ear cleaning and a nail trimming for free on a first visit. Make me feel all nice and that I want to be with this clinic: if they show no flexibility, go to a different vet.

    *See above.

  2. heart says

    Omg you asked this days ago! You need a vet! NO THERE ARE NO HOME REMEDIES FOR IT WTH? You need deworming medicine AFTER you find out what type of worms the dogs have. Only a vet can do that. Surrender the dogs to a rescue. Why do you have 2 puppies if you can’t afford vet care?

    add – Yes you can use FOOD GRADE diatomaceous earth. This is NOT the kind you buy in pool supply stores and it MUST be used properly. Somehow after reading your questions over the last weeks, I really don’t think you can do that, and it would be easier to just get the right medicine and dose from a vet. It’s not that much money. Turn off your internet connection for the month, and there you can pay for it with leftover cash. Yes dogs die from worms due to malnutrition and eventually it’s like starving to death.

    love how you deleted your other questions asking about worms, but I remember them and you.
    You need a vet to help you, or give the puppies to a rescue. And before you start getting more puppies, do more saving and learning.

  3. Dream to be a mum says

    There’s a little remedy I like to call

    “Don’t buy/adopt/rescue a puppy/dog if you can not aford to give it the proper care it needs and deserves”

    It usually works for 99.9% of cases.

    If that fails I suggest you find the puppys new homes where they can be given the correct vetenarian care.

    You can buy worming tablets or paste for your local pet store but surprisingly enough this costs money!

    Yes worms can cause serious damage and are not safe for your dogs. Please get then looked at or rehomed.

  4. JTP says

    Treatment generally involves administering oral medication (dewormer) with follow-up fecal exams and a monthly heartworm medication. If you vcan not afford a vet. It will be shipped. Although you could buy a cheap dewormer at a walmart or some were that works just as fine.

    Those nasty critters are most deffinatly Roundworms..

    Roundworms can be found in your dog’s stool or vomit. They can grow to about 7 inches in length and have a spaghetti-like appearance. If this type of infestation is not detected early and is allowed a chance to develop, a buildup of worms in the intestines can cause an obstruction which may result in death.

    -symptoms of a severe infestation are: pot-belly appearance, diarrhea, vomiting, dull coat and weight loss.

    Because Roundworm CAN BE TRANSMITTED TO HUMANS, it is important to promote good hygiene, such as washing your hands regularly. Transmission of this dog worm to humans is usually through infected soil, which may be in your backyard or front lawn. Because the eggs are sticky and can easily stick to your hands or clothing, make sure you wash your hands regularily!!!!!!