Is it bad to feed your dog people food?

Is it bad to feed your dog people food? in Dogs Discussions

Is it bad to feed your dog people food? :

Dog food just seems to man made and loaded with chemicals and stuff. I frankly think bark and grass is a better choice. But man people think people food is bad. If that's is so then how come when …

Is it bad to feed your dog people food?

Dog food just seems to man made and loaded with chemicals and stuff. I frankly think bark and grass is a better choice. But man people think people food is bad. If that’s is so then how come when gevin the choice the dog food is not what the dog picks? I know you shouldt give a dog red meats or turkey cuz of he chemicals br the. Again people shouldt be eating that stuff either. I just want to know because there are so many mixed opinions on this subject.

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    Answer by smiley
    Don’t give them chocolate or gum…they are poisonous to them
    Anything poisonous to humans is poisonous to them, too…like salmonella. Don’t give them raw chicken. Don’t give them pork. And give them a balance of human and dog food even if you do give them human food.

Is it bad to feed your dog people food?


  1. Kurt says

    No processed human foods, its bad for their digestion. Only meats we would eat, in date of course!

  2. J says

    Human food in moderation will not harm your dog. They happen to like rice and potatoes, doesn’t have to be meat. The vet informed me of this when my dog went off his own food for a while and it had the desired effect.

  3. whitewolf says

    Yes, human food is bad for dogs. Not only does most human food have just as much chemicals in them they can be hard to digest and give them stomach and intestinal problems like vomiting and diarrhea.It can also make your dog fat. If you don’t like chemicals you can either feed a better type of dog food. Blue Buffalo, Innova and EVO all have grain free holistic dog foods on the market. Or research raw diets.

  4. ChiMom says

    Actually most dog foods are very good for dogs–but there are different grades (or tiers). The best is Solid Gold, Old Mother Hubbard, Wellness, and many others.

    When you hear that ‘people food is bad’ it is because many feed the wrong types of ‘people food’.
    Lean chicken is fine. Most vegetables are fine. Brown rice is fine. Some fruits are fine.

    Of course dogs prefer ‘people food’–especially foods filled with fat, sugar, salt–but thaose types of food are NOT good for them–just like they aren’t good for people!

    Do not feed any of these foods;
    Fatty meats, fried foods, anything with sugar, salty foods, no onions, grapes, raisins, garlic. Very little dairy–if any at all, as dogs cannot digest the enzyme in it and will get diarrhea.

  5. sheila says

    All I feed my dog is People food, she eats the same thing we eat everyday. Somedays it’s veggie soup some days fried chicken.Whatever i cook for dinner is what she gets to eat too. It’s always cooked I never feed her raw meat. If I go to mcDonalds I get her a burger and fries too. She a chow and she’s is 17 years old now, she does have bladder cancer and she’s dying but she is the oldest chow I have ever seen. The vet always used to ask what I was feeding her because she was so healthy and had such a beautiful coat and of course he would start about not feeding her people food but after a while he started saying oh well she looks good, her blood work is great. keep on doing what your doing. P.S. she never got diabetes or any illness from eating people food.

  6. Cookie The First One says

    You will not find anyone experienced in canine nutrition that will tell you human food is bad for dogs, only that you need to be aware of the nutrition in what you feed them in order to make sure they are getting a balanced diet. One of the best experts in this is Monica Segal. Her web address is She has several pamphlets printed with recipes that you can use to make sure your dog is getting a balanced diet if you decide to home-cook. It isn’t a matter of tossing leftovers into a bowl and calling it balanced, there is much more to it than that.
    I’ve done it, and it works very well, especially if you have a dog with bowel problems or food allergies as I had.

  7. Ahyoka says

    It depends on your underatanding of people food. Pot Noodle, Twizzlers and the like arent people food and are bad for us and for dogs. People food is fresh meat, veg, potatoes, rice etc. Your dog would love that. Someone has posted a link to banned foods so check it out.

  8. Melanie Barratt says

    It depends some are ok like:cheese, meat, crisps but not all food like:chocolate, gum

  9. Bassets4Life says

    Lots of processed human foods can be toxic to dogs. Some foods like chocolate, onions, grapes/raisins can even be deadly to dogs. Pancreatitis is also an issue if a human feeds their dogs constant fatty foods.

    There are far better options out now in terms of commercial dog food that is not full of chemicals and by products. If you want to go raw or feed a home cooked diet do lots of research, as there is nothing wrong with this way of feeding but it needs lots of education to make sure you are meeting all the nutritional requirements of the dog.

Is it bad to feed your dog people food?