Is it okay to rub vitamin e oil on my dogs skin?

the skin on my dogs back (near his tail) is extremely dry and flaky. I can’t get him to stop scratching and i think it is getting worse.
It’s not just in one small area. It started at his tail and went to his lower back up to about the middle of his back. I’m almost certain it that it might be an allgery because his eyes have been runny. But what concerns me the most is that the skin in that area seems to be turning a blackish color.

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    Answer by ♥Pit Bull♥
    So use your common sense and take him to the Vet!

    If you think it’s getting worse, it needs to be treated.

    Rubbing oil on your dog is not going to “solve” your problem.

    Sounds like a hot spot. Have it treated by your Vet.


  1. ★Mitsuki★ says

    I donot think so, but if its really for dog, then you could use it, but first, ask an vet

  2. Nekai says

    Yes, it’s ok…. but why not find out WHY the flaky, itchy skin first?

    Symptomatic treatment shouldn’t be your first choice here.

  3. ♥ DP says

    It could be the food, a flea allergy, the shampoo you use… Many different things.. You can add some Omega 3 oils or Flaxseed oil to the food, see if that helps. You might want to take the dog to the vet and rule out allergies.

  4. Bonzie12 says

    While vit. E won’t hurt him, it might be best to take him to the vet to find out the cause of the itching. You need to know the cause of the itch to cure it.

  5. Keiser says

    I know some dog owners give their dogs vitamin e pills in their food which is good for loss of hair on dogs but it’s always good to ask your vet if there’s another solutions or cream that can aid your dogs dry skin,

  6. Kit says

    Yes that is fine. Also try a hypoallergenic oatmeal shampoo. My puppy had dry flaky skin and I tried oatmeal shampoo and she doesn’t have any anymore. I also put fish oil and vitamin E in her homemade mix everyday. The fact that it is in one spot concerns me, I would say to take him to the vet. It could be a reaction to a bug bite or something else, and the only way to be sure is if you take him to the vet. It might just be dry skin but if it’s something worse you don’t want to wait a long time to treat it.