My dog just ate a part of a plastic bag, should I worry?

He’s a Labrador, 60lbs., and is one year old.
The bag was one oof those sandwhich bags

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    Answer by Psychology
    It’s not something to take a risk with. Call the vet and ask them just incase.


  1. indianafireguy143 says

    your question mentioned “PART” of a plastic bag….was it the small part or the big part?

    a few small pieces of this may not be a problem. Having said that, I would give him some olive oil which will serve as a laxative. Probably 2 tablespoons would be fine for a guy his size.

    IMPORTANT: be certain that he is having normal bowel movements. instead of letting him out in the yard, walk him on a leash until he has done his “business”.

    Continue the Olive oil for a couple of days to help speed things along.

    If he goes more than a couple of days, make sure that you get him into your vet. An intestinal blockage can be expensive to treat and fatal if untreated.

    Good Luck,


  2. ruthie_srs says

    There probably will not be any problems, as long as he did not choke on it. In a couple of days you may find the plastic in his poo.

    Imagine all of the stuff that stray dogs eat out of a dumpster! That does not mean that I recommend dumpster or trash can food for the dog, just trying to say that they are pretty good at digesting and passing what they cannot digest.

    Many dogs eat strange things regularly. When I am out cleaning my dog’s yard I often find poo that has grass in it. So I know that my dog sometimes grazes.

  3. wwjdsma says

    dependes how big of a piece. if its a big piece, worry:call a vet. if its a small piece: do’t worry so much, it’ll pass through

  4. b_yond_therainbow says

    I doubt it. My dog ate a lighter and she’s fine.
    She’s eaten socks, blankets, tennis balls, towels, popsicle sticks as well.

  5. chetco says

    My dogs get into the trash and eat plastic often. It always comes out ‘in the end’. Don’t worry about a large dog eating a little plastic. If he has trouble pooing by late tomorrow, give him a cup of canned creamed corn.