My puppy is foaming at the mouth, her leg is constantly twitching does she have rabies?

references states that she has rabies. is it really rabies or is it due to her eating something bad?

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    Answer by Celeste R
    yes, maybe, those are most of the signs! take her to the vet fast! she may die!


  1. ItsMeAlexandra says

    This would be cause for concern.

    Has your puppy been vaccinated for a rabies shot?
    -She doesn’t have rabies.
    Do you think she may have eaten something she should not have?
    -Get her to the vet ASAP if she ate something she should not have.
    Has she encountered any outside wild animals?
    -If yes and she has NOT been vaccinated for rabies….call the vet as soon as possible.

  2. Giselle B says

    I sounds like rabies, and there is no cure for it, sorry, the only solution would have been prevention but now might be too late.

  3. Tammy C says

    She may have eaten something bad or she may be having a seizure due to a neurological problem.You need to get her to a vet right away.Are you in the US?

  4. venus_sunnyday says

    The only sure way to test for rabies is they have to destroy the dog cut off it’s head and send it away rabies attacks the brain so they would have to test the brain

  5. MsSmurfy says

    Take the puppy to am emergency vet, attempting to diagnose could be wasting precious time in a situation like you describe. It could be seizures or any of the previous mentioned thoughts others shared. Have the puppy examined asap…

  6. Aqualopez says

    it sounds like the symptoms of rabies. rabies is very very serious. TAKE THIS DOG TO THE VET ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!! if she does have rabies, it could kill her. if you take her to the vet, and she does have rabies, they’ll help her. if it’s not, they’ll diagnose it and help her, so what can it hurt? and while your at the vet, if you haven’t already, get her her rabies shot.

  7. anne b says

    If your dog is truly having these symptoms, why on earth are you on the Internet? Are you interested in watching your dog die? This would be VET time.