My vet prescribed my dog Temaril. I don’t want to give it to him. Is it ok to just not give him the m?

I really think my dog will be fine without Temaril. He does not have severe allergies. His ear has a little yeast infection which I clean with this medicine provided daily. Do you think it is OK to not begin the Temaril?

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Answer by Lizzie
Temaril is for itching, inflammation and coughing. If the vet prescribed it, your dog most likely NEEDS it. Since I didn’t go to Veterinary College, I don’t try to second-guess a vet.

Yeast infections in ears don’t clear up with just cleaning. I hope you got something for the ear, too.


  1. Yukina says

    If a DOCTOR told you to give it to him why wouldn’t you? Why would a doctor tell you to give an animal something they didn’t need? Just think of it this way, if you DON’T give it to him and something bad happens to him, are you going to accept the fact that it was maybe your fault something happened to your dog? Is your dogs life worth keeping safe or not.

  2. ***** says

    It’s prescribed to relieve inflammation and itching and make the dog more comfortable during treatment of the infection. Why would you not want to relieve his discomfort? While I might have concern if it was prescribed for a long period of time, side effects from short term use are generally minor when they occur

  3. Sara says

    Honestly, there’s no way to know. If your vet said he should take it, you should give it to him or express your concerns with your vet. It’s a small infection now, but it could easily get much, much worse.