pit bull snoring?

My 4 month old puppy snores liek you wouldn’t believe. I was told this was a common thing because they don’t really have long faces, or something like that. [I think it was made up information, lmao.]

Anyone have any ideas as to why this happens? The vet tech in our family sees him frequently and says he’s fine, nose and stuff is open. Just wondering if there’s maybe something wrong with him or if it’s a common thing.

Is there anything to do to stop it? Nothing like waking up to a snoring pitty at 4am every morning.
He’s no where near obese. He’s 25 lbs at 4 months, which sounds really heavy, but this pup stands at about my knees. He’s a pretty big puppy, however not overweight.

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Answer by Haylee D


  1. labby♥gurl says

    im sure hes ok if the vet said he was, but maybe you should try a different vet. my labrador had a leg problem and he was clearly in pain but our vet said he was fine then about 6 months later he had a surgery and he was clearly not ok but he is now. but try a different vet then. my dog snores too ^^

  2. Mr. 818 says

    Nothings wrong with it, its just a natural thing….My pitbull was and still is the same way, he also farts in his sleep pretty disgusting…lol :)

  3. The Cythian says

    He likely has a deviated septum. Same with some humans. He might outgrow it,unless he becomes obese.Wait til he’s about a year or so old.

  4. horselady says

    It is a natural thing just like in humans, and some do and some don’t snore. I have a female cocker-a-poo that snores, and 5 other dogs that don’t. Breath Rite????

  5. Big'en says

    First of all congrats on owning the BEST dog you will ever have. I have own 3 bulldogs in my life and have not recouped from the loss of my last. All of my bulldogs snored, it’s just something they do. also,as mention before they also suffer from extremely bad gas, you could feed them the most expensive dog food and they are still going to fart! Also you will find that a bulldog must touch you, watch and see, they could have the whole room to lay down at but they are gonna end up laying if not on your foot, but anywhere they will be able to touch you. Very smart breed, very LOYAL breed very protective breed.

  6. gablondiechick says

    I have a 1 year old pit that snores some, not alot. But when he does, I just rub and kiss his cheek and tell him to wake up, he’s snoring…:)
    yes…. I love him ALOT

  7. STOP B.S.L. says

    Ours does it too. It is ok. He also dreams-alot of times his feet will be moving like he is walking or running. It is too cute!

  8. Eagle2010 says

    i have a 5 mo pit puppy thats only about 25 lbs and he snores like a grown man. its funny but there’s nothing wrong with his breathing when take him running. My boyfriend also have a Boston Terrier and he snores too. I just think some dogs snore