What type of worms do my puppy have and how to treat?

My puppy Chihuahua who weighs about less then 5lbs has little white things coming out of his poop, the white stuff look smaller then rice. How can I treat it without going to the vet? Also 1 night I walked in kitchen bare footed and I didn’t notice that my dog had poop and the the worms (the little white things) where all ready out his poop, so can I get the worms? Also I don’t know if this helps but he has also been caught eating his poop, even though he’ll have water and food in his bowl.

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    Answer by sexy beast
    go to the vet. you can’t treat it on your own. you own the animal, you need to take care of it. dogs eat poop, and if the poop has worms in it, then the worms get into the dog.


  1. DP says

    Worms should always be properly diagnosed and treated by the vet.. He should have been de-wormed before you got him.. Stool sample taken in when you went for your vaccinations..

  2. crzycoookies says

    I don’t know what kind he has, but you can buy some cheap dewormer at a store. Make sure you read the label to see how much, and if your puppy is old enough, but it worked a wonder on my dog! And I doubt you’ll catch the worms, as long as you don’t suck on your feet…

  3. plants4fun@sbcglobal.net says

    those are called tapeworms you can buy DWORM at the petsore or they have canine dwormer by safeguard.
    Dogs and puppies get tapeworms from eating a flea.

    Eating their poop is much different. I would pick up your dogs poop if you have other animals in your house. That what I was told.

    I hope this helps! Good luck with your puppy.

  4. Jennybobenny says

    sounds like tape worms…they get them from eating fleas/eggs. collect a poop sample and bring it into the vet….most puppies need to be dewormed – tape worms, roundworms, etc…. Unless YOU are eating his poop, you shouldn’t worry. Just make sure you wash your hands after cleaning up after him!

  5. amey p says

    it sounds like Pin Worms i think you can go to a Petco, or Pet club to buy worm medicine. but there might be a good chance you will still have to go to the vet. worms in dogs can be fatel if not taken off. good luck.

  6. Sashua P says

    You need to have your puppy dewormed. You can call your vet and make an appointment for the deworming, or you can ask what they recommend for deworming. My vet told me it was just as easy for me to buy the stuff and administer it to my pups. He told me where they got theirs from and that is where I get mine. Roundworms are the most common in puppies and they look like little spaghetti strands. A good dewormer will treat Roundworms, Tapeworms, and Hookworms. You’ll have to do a heartworm preventive also.
    Worms can be passed to humans, but it is pretty unlikely. Be sure not to eat after playing with or touching the puppy or it’s stuff without watching your hands first.
    Many dogs eat their own poo. It’s gross, I know, but it really isn’t harmful for them – except when you’re trying to get rid of worms. They make stuff called DETER COPROPHAGIA that will stop the dog from eating poo. Coprophagia is what they call it when something eats poo. You can ask your vet about it when you call about the worms!

  7. coolcowgirl83 says

    These worms sound like tapeworms. You can look for an over the counter medicine, but I don’t think there is one without going to the vet. You should call the vet, and tell them what you are seeing. Since tapeworms usually aren’t seen on a fecal exam, most veterinarians will sell you the medication without an office call or fecal exam. You may need to take the pup in just to get his weight, so they give him the right dose. If they are tapeworms, I believe they are only contagious to you if you were to accidentally ingest his poop (like if you didn’t wash your hands well after picking up his poop, etc.) Other kinds of worms are able to penetrate the skin and infect you that way.

  8. iluvtorofl says

    If they are small rice looking pieces it is a round worm. You treat it with a wormer product that has Fenbendazole in it. You can buy it OTC at many outlets, even WalMart. You have to read the active ingredients list on the label though. Most OTC products are simply trash, so you have to be a label reader.

    A different product with the active ingredient Pyrantal would work for longer white worms that look like angel hair spaghetti. Those are hook worms. And this also kills round worms and whipworms. I like this product better because the dogs don’t vomit it up so bad. You can get it at a farm supply store. It won’t kill tape worms though.