Why do fixed male dogs act sexual with unfixed female dogs?

My male dog has been doing this to my female dog. Yes, we are going to get her fixed, we just haven’t yet. Is it because i just have a “sexual male dog?” Please Help. My female dog seems scared. I want this to end. My male dog did this sort of thing with my last female dog also. My male dog might have issues? Is this common?

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Answer by Rachael
Yeah its totally normal. Your male can just smell that she is in heat or whatever. He can smell that she is not fixed. Even male dogs do that to other males sometimes.


  1. Nooj Squibot says

    if we cut out your ovaries would you still get horny when Robert Pattinson walked in the room and started wiggling his pale, scrawny butt in your face?

    just because your dog doesn’t have balls doesnt mean he’s suddenly asexual, he still has instincts and can still smell when a female dog is in heat.

  2. Jackie says

    i think female dogs give off a scent when unfixed that attracts male dogs, and even though he is fixed, he still smells it and is still attracted to it.

  3. WyrDachsie says

    Is your female dog in heat? If she is, a neutered male can tie with an intact female. Nothing to get upset about, it’s “safe sex”, since the dog is neutered.

    If she’s not in season and he’s still mounting her, he could just be exhibiting dominance over the female.

    Unless he’s hurting her, let them work it out between each other. When humans get involved, they tend to mess up the relationship between the canine’s, because they put “human” feelings on the actions.

  4. Jenny says

    She is an intact female and he isn’t dead.

    A neutered male dog is still capable of performing the sex act; he’s sterile, but he can do it. He’s not as driven to find females as he would be if he was intact, but she’s right there, smelling delicious.

    She’s not afraid of him; she’s annoyed. The only time the female accepts this kind of behavior is when she’s in the receptive/fertile stage of estrus. The rest of the time she’ll be threatening to eat his face every time he blunders too close. Don’t get upset about it; he isnt.

    It should stop, gradually, after you get her spayed.

  5. Sarah says

    When one dog mounts another it isn’t necessarily sexual, more likely it is an effort to establish dominance. My female dog mounts my male dog to put him in his place, and he tries to mount my brother’s boy puppy to show him his place–all of the dogs are fixed, it is one way they try to establish a hierarchy. My male dog will sometimes start play fighting the girl when she tries to mount him, because he is challenging her effort to put him in a submissive place, not because it is sexual. This is the same thing when dogs try to hump people–the dog needs to stop it because it is challenging the person’s position in the pack.