Why does my dog faint before throwing up?

When my dog starts to get ready to puke he will sometimes collapse like he either fainted or is about to. His breed is a Min Pin mixed with Chihuahua. Afterward he’s fine and gos about his normal routine. Should I worry about this?

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    Answer by Jayse Ö Think before you breed
    Yes, Dogs do not faint. If your dog is doing this it may have a serious heart porblem. Vet check now.



  1. Kayla M says

    dude…your dog is sick!!! get him vetranarian help! he shouldnt be fainting or throwing up!!!!!

  2. βɛɑʊƭiƒʊɩ ɳiɡɦƫɱɑɾɛ     。(◕‿◕)。 says

    You shouldn’t worry… You should start panicking!

    Dogs do not normally faint. You need to get him to the vets as soon as possible. Do not wait or think that we just say “Go to the vets” for the hell of it. Your dog could be seriously ill.

  3. Zorro says

    my neighbors wife started doing that and now he has to pay child support for the next 18 years.

  4. Cheryl Hoffman says

    Heart, seizure, lack of Oxygen, throat obstruction…there are many reasons the dog may be losing consciousness.

  5. foxymew17 says

    take him to a vet to make sure everything is ok…..i`ve never taken care of that type of dog before so ya ^^’

  6. Ruby'sMom says

    Dogs, like people, throw up if they’ve eaten something not good for them, or too much too fast. (Dogs almost never get drunk and barf.)
    But if dog vomits from being only in house (not eating dead bird or hazardous spill) and eating just regular dog food, this is not normal and should be checked out by vet.

  7. Sid Singer says

    Its his windpipe.

    I have a Min Pin too and that breed as a very tiny windpipe. In fact mine does “hacking up a hairball” sound regular a couple times a day. Scared the crap out of me the first time but my vet said its normal for this breed.

    Warning signs for serious problems is if this breed gets so exciting it has a hard time breathing. Usually its a reverse sneeze, but if the wind pipe is damaged, the dog can actually cut off air to itself.

    Go see the vet, Bring a checkbook. It’s an expensive problem to find and fix.